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Your Voting Rights Are Under Threat!
There's a wave of false information about voting fraud!
In 2023 alone, over 300 bills were proposed to make voting harder for everyone. 

In 2023, more than 300 bills were proposed that restricted our fundamental right to vote. Some of the tactics used:

1. Gerrymandering
2. Closing voting locations
3. Banning ballot drop boxes
4. Restricting voter registration
5. Creating strict voter ID laws 
6. Improperly removing eligible voters from rosters
7. Banning vote-by-mail
8. Attempting to eliminate early voting
9. Providing false or confusing information about how to vote
10. Spreading false information about voter fraud

Don't let voter suppression keep you from voting.
Let your voice be seen and heard. 
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Do you know what the
"Fake Electors Plot" is?

After the 2020 election,
officials in 7 states,
Arizona, Georgia,
Michigan, New Mexico,
Nevada, Pennsylvania,
and Wisconsin created
a scheme to
overturn the election
by creating and
attempting to
submit fraudulent voting
certificates during
a Congress meeting
to certify the
newly elected president.  
The hope was the fake
certificates would
be counted  rather
than the authentic voting certificates.

Facts about voting rights

13 states and the District of Columbia allow registration or pre-registration at age 16. Studies show that voting behavior is habit-forming: Those who start voting at an early age are more likely to continue doing so for the rest of their lives. --- Typically Americans 18–29 years old do not exercise their right to vote nearly as much as Americans 65 and older. --- A US resident is more likely to be hit by lightning than to commit voter ID fraud. --- The Constitution does not guarantee the right to vote, voting conditions are up to individual states. --- Approximately 11% of Americans, lack a government-issued photo ID, even though they are registered to vote.

An estimated 19 million potential voters do not possess either a driver’s license or a state issued ID. ---​ Since the Shelby decision at least 13 states have removed eligible voters from the rolls and 16 states called for a photo ID to vote.  ---​ A recent study found that strict voter ID laws significantly increased the turnout gap between white voters and Latinx, African-American and multiracial voters. ---​ 1 in every 13 African Americans in the U. S. – an average of 7.66% — can’t vote because of felony convictions. This compares with the 1.8% of the rest of the country. ​--- In 2012, on average, blacks had to wait in line twice as long as whites. Nationwide, whites who lived in white neighborhoods had the shortest wait time – 7 minutes.

to avoid
these injustices from happening again. 


Your Vote Matters!
By casting your vote, you play a key role in keeping our elections fair and democratic. 


Don't let your rights be stripped away!
Wear your t-shirt as a rallying cry to protect and fight for our fundamental right to vote.

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