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independent contracting

Having worked as a school counselor in the state of Illinois (Professional Educator License/PEL) for more than 10 years and being a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I am eager to see how I may be able to service the needs in your school.  The difficulty of the pandemic, the crisis in our neighborhoods and the intricate challenges of simply being a teeanager adds numerous stress and strain on high school student's academic performance.  I would love to discuss what unique or traditional services you would find useful for your students.  The list below is not a comprehensive list of my services.  Therefore, I am able and willing to create tailor made interventions that would be a benefit to your students and communities in which they reside.


Workshops for underachieving students

Trauma groups 

Anger Management 

Emotional Intelligence and Self Regulation

Executive functioning 

Restorative Processes  

Family Counseling

  • Soft Skills-Job Training

  • Social Emotional Wellness

  • Self-Esteem Groups for Teens

  • Post Secondary Consultation

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