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Emotional Health Financial Well-Being

The primary predictor of financial health and wellness is an individual's relationship with money and self.
*Reeta Wolfsohn Center for Financial Social Work

Program Title: Wealthy Emotions to Wealthy Wallets - Now! (WEWWN)

Course Description:Discover the power of Wealthy Emotions and join us in the journey of transforming your life and financial trajectory.

In this course, we celebrate the victory ("We Win!") of aligning emotional health with financial well-being. Our mission is to guide participants on a path where emotions and money management are partners in their success story.

This course is an immersive experience d
esigned to educate and empower students to cultivate positive emotions and a resilient mindset, ultimately driving remarkable improvements in their financial outcomes.

Through a combination of

  • comprehensive resources

  • engaging workshops

  • personalized coaching

you'll embark on a transformative process. We will help you forge a healthy relationship with money, utilizing your emotions as tools to manifest wealth.

Our approach champions a holistic route to financial achievement by
nurturing emotional intelligence, fostering optimistic thinking, and practicing mindfulness in every financial decision you make. Join us in Wealthy Emotions and embrace the synergy of emotional and financial well-being. Elevate your life, enhance your wealth, and conquer your goals with a powerful blend of emotions and prosperity-driven strategies.

Contact me about structuring your group. Together, We Win!

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