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Rhonda J. Fleming

I am the Founder and CEO of Grasping the Basics, LLC.  I have worked with teens and families through Chicago Public Schools for 11 years, as well as various agencies and churches for over 20 years. 

I have a passion for youth and believe that not only the individual but the family plays a role in forgiveness and healing. For this reason, I offer counseling to assist with overcoming challenges so commonly experienced in undeserved communities.  Consequences such as depression, anger and anxiety are often the result of trauma experienced at some point in one's life. 

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Theoretical Approaches

  1. Person Centered – the focus how you can learn to utilize your inner resources and skills, and create your own agenda for future outcomes.

  2. Existential or operating from your lens – identifying how you see life, we work together to determine what you want and how to achieve your goals.

  3. Solution Focused – This method investigates what you want in the future, will it be positive and beneficial to your overall health and well-being, how will you start this new journey, who will help and also where and when will it happen.

  4. Cognitive Behavioral – this approach will be utilized to help you  practice the skills of changing negative thinking patterns to positive thoughts and actions.   

  5. Systemic Approaches/Systems Therapy – utilizing this approach will help you  identify your own family structure, why it operates the way it does and identify what needs to happen to make improvements in their own family structure. 

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