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Grasping the Basics
Emotional Health & Financial Well Being
Let's find Hope together!

Welcome to Grasping the Basics, LLC, where we're all about helping parents and educators support young people in understanding how feelings and money connect. We know that how we feel can affect how we handle our finances, and how we manage our money can impact our emotions – especially within our families. Our mission is to equip families with the knowledge and tools needed to foster a harmonious balance between emotional well-being and financial stability. We desire to pave a path toward holistic growth for the next generation.    I believe in today’s youth! In today's fast-paced world, it's more crucial than ever to equip our young minds with the tools to comprehend and manage the intricate relationship between emotions and finances. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to pave the way for training, education and support that can lead to a more prosperous future.   At Grasping the Basics, our goal is to give families the tools they need to talk about and manage their emotions and money in a way that makes sense.  Our goal is to help youth and families confidently navigate challenges and seize opportunities, building a strong foundation for success. Let's work together to give our youth the skills they need to succeed in the real world!



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This unique experience for teens will equip them to identify and regulate emotions that drive their money decisions. They will gain valuable education that empowers them to create their financial foundation! You will be glad you expose this tailored training to your group of teens! They will thank you for years to come!

Using best practices from Casel and Breathe 4 Change curriculums, groups are designed to equip students with tools needed to cope with today's stressors and set the groundwork for future plans and success.

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This useful service guides the family through the financial aid maze so they don’t have to gamble their hard earned assets, such as retirement savings, second mortgages, etc. to fund their children’s future. 

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Let's discuss interventions that are tailor made for your school, church or community organzation that will benefit the individuals you serve and the communities in which they reside.

The Effects of Emotional Health and Financial Well-Being  Imbalance

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